Reconnecting and Celebrating…


The sky line is still, not a single light shines in this grey morning. The city is still at rest.

My soul sisters sleep among the feather bedding that engulfs their bodies.  No one lingers below in the streets.  When does this city rise? When will my tribe wake? When will the comfortable laughter start this morning. French press coffee waiting, rain running down the picture windows, and I wait for them. Typing, listening, and counting their breaths and just a few tiny lady snores.

Its been nearly a year since we found ourselves in the same place at the same time. Last night, it happened.  All pre-orchestrated by myself, the birthday girl’s husband, and Utah—we all love her so.  Let’s plan something special we had all decided.

She brought with her – a belly warm and round as a new little one will arrive in May.

This childhood friend we are here to celebrate wakes first. She is beautiful, warm, soft loose hair tousled in a bun, rubbing her belly, as if to say, good morning little one. I will be honored to meet this new little girl. She will bring the joy and love, her mother brings to all those around her.  Darcy Jane wears thin rimmed glasses from behind them, she shares intellect and knowledge by the sunrise in the city. She is calm and is honest. We talked like the months and years hadn’t passes at all.

The day before, we shared a quiet moment at the Dragon Tree, whispering as the scent of rosemary and mint–circled around us. Tiny copper cups, we sipped chilled water…and whispered.  Her eyes rolled and those familiar words “oh geez” tickled my inner ear—those words only sound that way to me. Familiar, funny, and for years they have been rolling off her tongue with a playful roll of her eyes. There is a calm to her, a strength I find; in her strength.  Her ability to calm me no matter what my worry is.

Our home for the weekend–four walls of windows, 12 black window shades, I hide behind 7 am. I listened to them sleep deeply in the bed around the corner. She reminds me who I used to be and who I still am…she challenges me as her dreams sore far above the skyline of  the city.

Later, in great form and physique, a prize fighter some may say arrives. The other one in our tribe.  When I say “our tribe”, I believe that with all my heart.  We are a special group of three…nothing short of a mind opening reconnection that lightens our steps. This connection reminds me that we lead three separate lives by miles of asphalt and mountains, and acres of farm ground.  We reacquaint ourselves and not a single moment has ever passed.  The chatting always becomes real quickly—we laugh, I trip on the sidewalk but our minds and hearts go in deep for the “real” stuff.  My favorite circle chatting begins by fluttering around any place we

are together-that night the Aces Hotel and the street cars. For two days celebrating a birthday, a new baby, and each other.

For Utah, the late arrival. She enters the large glass doors, wet and tattered. A huge bag and a hat…ah, those trucker hats that sit in perfect form on top of her head as if the wind could blow it away and she would take off running down the street after it at full speed ahead.  She radiates sun, beauty, positivity, and awareness-she is tough.  She listens and advises…without judgment.  Her spirit is one like no other…she also is in my tribe. Her spirit is infectious and her strength shows you her inner spirit and joy… she conquers the world with her mind and body.

I woke from my night’s slumber from the honking or a car and the revving of engines below…not the sounds around my home in the mornings.  Quiet, still, my twins giggling in the other room, the whistle in the orchard when the wind blows and the engine I hear is much louder than a car…our orange Kobota tractor rumbling outside my window but that can’t even make me rise some days.  The honking horns and constant movement and chatter woke me quickly this am from the fourth floor.

In the evening, this place is beautiful. Street lights paint the roads with orange as the grey in the sky gets lighter—day light approaches. My friends begin to wake…slowly one and then the other.

What will today hold for us…a new adventure, fresh from any other we have experienced before, laughter just so familiar, like the same in our 20’s, our teen years, and even before.

Many blessings but I cannot wait a minute longer to start the weekend with these soul sisters of mine.  May you all find the time to reconnect with someone that needs you as much as you need them. Take the time to reach other.

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