A chill this morning

Cools my breath from skin to air,

The sky is still grey.

Unlike other days,

peach fuzz hair

does not stand on my neck,

my smile is not straight from waking

before the sun-

but curled upward at

the edge of my pink lips.


And I,

I can sit here all alone

And remember

our eyes meeting from across the room,

your mouth breaking

speech to glance and find

me content.

I watched your eyes lighten

While listening to the passion of others,

your eyes envied as another

spoke of his son.



And you,

Dreaming silently

of your own unborn child

and the way it will be,

when you are that blessed.


Your tone changed,

Somewhere between the last sunrise

and sunset

the sky has brightened

in the last moments,

pink cotton clouds

drift slowly across the blue backdrop sky.

The world moves around me,

a leaf falls from the skeleton

of a tree outside this window.

A grandfather smiles, watching

me write, from behind his

daily news.


And today, I know

the world is unaware

that I am blessed-

for knowing such a man

as passionate as my father,

as determined to get what

he knows and deserves-

and willing enough to share

his ear and shoulder with someone,

who is only just beginning to give

him, her heart.

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