My Version: The happiest days

Dreaming away…

…the day I graduated from college after taking two years off, the day I met my- now husband, cooking on Sundays with Angie, being with my family, reuniting with old friends, having Starbucks with my sister, watching our kids play together, the day I found out I was pregnant and then…having twins, watching my brother with my twins, being proud of him and what he has accomplished, the day I realized I was successful and comfortable in my job, zip-lining through treetops in Mexico with Scooter and Angie, the day I knew I was going to give my husband twin boys, the day he proposed, my wedding day, the first time- and the times after that I got a piece of writing published, watching Jason and Eric play with their nephews and listening to them all laugh, Daddy and his boys wrestling, having those “quick” talks with my Dad…If I only knew how much they would actually mean to me later, my Mom’s unconditional EVERYTHING, she knows me so well, a rainy day, a quiet house, a cup of tea, and a romantic comedy, a heated blanket, lots of pillows, oh-new pajamas, a sunny hot day at Eaglecrest, hearing the boys running back and forth around the deck, a cold beer, a pizza, pasta….. my SISTER and her ability to truly hear me without me speaking-miles apart and knowing I NEED her & she needs me, her strength, her honesty, she is my best friend (how lucky am I) her laughter, going to the spa with her in Washington, everything I try new with her, friends to just be in the moment with, my mother in law…planting flowers with the twins, the day our babies came home from the hospital, Sunday morning breakfast, my husband cooks, reading the paper, writing, and watching Horsepower and Power Stroke for him (Ugh), taking coffee to my husband when he is still in the shower so when he gets out it is waiting on the counter for him, watching my boys grow, hearing them speak, both of them reaching for me…them needing me…terrified one day they won’t want me, dancing with my father in law at my wedding, making him breakfast in Mexico…him telling me how to cook bacon, watching him with my boys…his strong exterior, tough to the bone attitude, and then, the twins walk to Grandpa, sitting in his brown leather chair, they kiss him and he learns down to them, he looks as if he doesn’t mind but I know it melts his heart, my husband’s work ethic, his passion for farming, he lets me hug him whenever I want….my husband laying next to me every night and all the nights after that one, his laugh…how he can always make me smile even when I am upset, the way he looks when he gets dressed up to go to the rodeo…shopping days with an old friend, the conversation I had with her…alone time with my husband, sister trips…just being with my sister…my family, knowing tomorrow there will be another day for us together… to become an author, to find something great, something beautiful in my children’s eyes, having my family close…and my new and old friends always in my thoughts…


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