Stay or Go

Sometimes life is complicated.  Everything whirling around like the inside of a tornado. So, fast, you don’t dare look inside.  There is no simply reason why people drift in and out of our lives. But each time for me, it gets a little more difficult to move on, to let go, and say goodbye. Some times, it’s worth it to work at other times it isn’t. It ‘s easier to move on… but it still hurts.

Lately, I have been going back and forth about my friendships.  The people I used to think were my dear friends have drifted-life happens, kids happen, but I think it is a choice to let our friendships go.  Friendships need to be nurtured, taken care of, treasured and it doesn’t mean getting together every weekend, to me, its remembering the little things that show them and their family you are thinking of them.  It is a kindness that you don’t have to work at, it just comes naturally.

Recently, I have realized there are very few friends in my life that I can see on a planned or unplanned basis where we literally don’t skip a beat when we see each other.  We pick up where we left off and the laughter and closeness….begins….this may last for a few short hours or the length of the weekend but these friends I cherish!  They will always be there. I will never be able to tell them what they mean to me…but I plan to show them for the rest of their lives and mine.

I am a firm believer in being grateful and tell people what they mean to me. After all, life if short.  As a writer, I don’t want anything to be left un-said. I want all of my “tribe” to know who they are and what they mean to me.  I want to stop putting energy into things and people that just drag me down….after all, again-life is too short. Feeling pressured or stress to do something because of a friend is just not right, in my mind we respect each other’s opinions, each other’s values, and what is right for them…is what is ultimately best for them.

I strive to be better but as I am finally tackling my dreams head on…..just going for it has given me strength I didn’t know I had. I know I am doing what I want and what is right for my family and myself and I refuse to settle anymore.  I know I can do anything!! I AM!!



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