Addicted by Blake Shelton

Sometimes you get that call from that certain someone that makes your heart flutter-from your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, etc.  Where you stop everything you are doing….flop down on the couch or sink down into the soft sheets on your bed….just to hear them breathe on the other end of the phone.  There are days when I would give anything for that but the craziness of life keeps that from happening.  I suppose I could give every excuse in the book but it is rare that any two people are on the same page at the exact same time.  Come on people, it doesn’t happen that way. It takes work…..lots of work. Even after the work, you might not get there!

I want to be so consumed by someone or by listening to their voice-that the melting ice from my glass on the table next to me, drips condensation down the sides and creates a tiny puddle and the glass’ base.  I want to feel them holding my hand, hugging me, and make me laugh.  One of my favorite things to do in this whole world is laugh! Sad to think, I am not really a funny person!

I hear with contentment and listen with my soul, I can put myself in the room they are in as they speak to me.  It seems so real but we are hundreds of miles away.  It is true in most relationships where love is involved, people  can relate to this in someway or another.

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