What Does Joy Look Like?

Years fly by!  Lucas Graham – 7 Years



Joy is something amazing.  I see it every day, it could be between strangers or siblings or children or even in my spouse, its something that warms my soul– to see.  I can be an outsider looking in and I see it from far away or close up and know…..now, that is JOY!

The definition of Joy: is a feeling of great pleasure and/or happiness.

Synonyms: delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, triumph, glee elation, bliss, rejoicing, etc.

Lately, I have felt very lucky and an extreme amount of joy after going after my dream of getting published and now working on the sequel (where I might say, I have total writer’s block). I need to find some joy and inspiration to get myself going on this sequel. Or it is going to end up in the trash can…..but I have faith it will come to me!

My sister-in-law, Tara took this photo in the last week, I think and I just can’t get enough of it.  This photo is what JOY is to me…..It isn’t more or less joy to my adorable nephew or my brother who has a big tough exterior.  His son has turned him into mush in this photo. They are both full of Joy-so much that I cannot put into words. It is all over their faces!

We all have good days and bad, we all have different days where we struggle to find “our joy” but most of the time– we can.  For people who struggle with finding Joy- reach out and find someone who can help you….let it out and find someone who you can talk too….this is a big step toward finding your joy!

So, this Sunday evening I caught myself looking at this photo for hundredth time and a smile washes across my face and know that this photo is Joy!  Pure, raw, unforced joy! I hope that in my new nephew’s life he sees Joy in this same way.

And Congrats to my brother, Tara, Allie and Max for showing the rest of the world your JOY!




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