I Can’t Change the World by Brad Paisley

Dear friends new and old, for those of you who know me well, know that I should be fast asleep right now dreaming of my next travel plans, my birthday (which is tomorrow), and counting sheep and butterflies.  You know that perfect sleep where nothing can wake you.

Well, I am not there, not there at, all because I am suffering from whiplash.

My neck is in such great pain, shooting down my spin to my tail bone.  I am sure the bruising has already begun and I have no idea how I drove home, stayed on the road, crept up the stairs with my bags in stow…let alone, how the hell, I was able to bend over and take my pants off (currently, still sitting here in my bathrobe).  How did I even get my pajamas on?? Should I wake my sleeping husband who is snoring in the other room?

If the sun was out and it was just another normal day, I would scream out in pain and hopefully someone would come running to help me.

But because it is after 10pm, the house is quiet like the night before Christmas and I sit here alone with my head spinning! Reveling in pain, discomfort, and confusion…I am here, drinking tea in the darkness trying to calm myself down.  And tonight, that meditative shit everyone says works….isn’t working for me!!

I have no explanation as to why this happened, I feel so confused, and my heart is racing…I truly feel like I have been slapped across the face with tennis racquet as hard as possible.  So, hard in fact, my face has the strings imprinted on the entire left side of my face.

warning readers: this is a metaphor (I am totally fine!)

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