Go Ahead, Unfriend Me!

unfriendEvery day, I go to this object which is now so much more than just a common telephone.  It is the root of all evil…..do I still get sucked in, yes!! But do I complain, not really!!

It’s full of gadgets and buttons, that I may push by accident and who the hell knows what will happen when I do?? I attempt to push these buttons with purpose and knowledge of what will really happen….as if the world will stop!  At this point, my children know my phone better than I do.  Does life require me to have this…..hell no….but I have fallen into this sucking vortex of technology.  Yes, I can make my way through an apple product (shit, don’t shoot me for be an apple person) but I can get done what I need too on most Apple products.

So, with social media as it is today….I will claim its awful, what’s the point, and -uck it…..but yes, I fail and I continue to use it. Do I share my heart, soul, and deepest darkest secrets on it…..no way!!!

I woke this morning with a big fat UNFRIEND ME in Facebook.  Now, logically who the hell cares…..she isn’t worth it any way if she feels the need to even check that box but I was a upset.  Yes!  What the hell?  Why did it bother me, to be unfriend??  By someone I see a few times a year??

Part of me says screw it all (technology, I mean), did I really need to wake up with someone trying to -ucking play scrabble with me at 6am….what the hell could I spell at that hour, of any meaning?? Click to another screen, how much money is in the bank, oh okay. Weather??  Schedule for the day.

So, I continue about my day and feel sad for her that she feels the need to spend her time un-friending people online.  Did I make my choice, yes?  Did I know it would cause the “un-friending”? NO!

I had been with the “new” girlfriend the night before (unplanned), He was just not in love with her any more (now has a new friend) and now you unfriend me…..were we even friends in the first place or just friends in this cyber world that means nothing.  Yes, I can have very serious conversations through a text message…..does some of it get lost literally because of the gifts language brings to us-in the spoken word! Hell, yes….things can happen in the spoken word….words make things happen!

So, I actually see you outside of this “unfriend” me world and you no longer speak to me, I guess we aren’t friends any longer but by now…..sadly, I would say I am a veteran of being friends with six different couples who have gotten or are getting divorced.

So, I again, reexamine… were we even friends?? Did you become friends with me because of families or him? Or did I do that? Who Knows?  Who cares?

Snap Chat…..WTH, now I get a snap chat from you saying you are un-friending me, is that absolutely necessary when Facebook already tells me that….but go ahead introduce me to Snap Chat, that deletes our messages after a certain number of minutes…..why Snap Chat me that you don’t want to be my friend?? The only purpose I see– is if you are trying to hide some unsightly photo that you would never ever want to go public.

Now, ask me if I care if you unfriended me?  Go ahead, ask!! Well, I do because I am human and I do have a heart! It was the fact that instead of being a human and saying i’m done or screw you to my face……I saw it on a screen.  Is this what human contact has come too? Nothing face to face but screen to face?  Something is so wrong!!

A few days ago I forgot my phone quite frankly, I lost it and went to town willingly and it was so freeing, relaxing……like I was stranded on  beach with a bucket of ice cold beer and…… really, I was roaming the isles of Cash & Carry.

Other than a phone, what is this Apple good for?? Other than eating it or running it over with my car?? I am one friend short today and I guess I am okay with that.

But, I will keep my Apple!

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