That’s one way to end a workout!

Poker Face by Lady Gaga (*the only song I could find to run too.)

FullSizeRender-8I am not a runner.  I would rather do anything else in the world to exercise than run.  The pounding of my feet on asphalt, joints in my knees slamming down into my ankles. However, if I was being chased, I think that would be different.  But I am determined to keep trying to like running. This morning I woke early and the fresh smell of rain drew me outside.

Today, I needed more than yoga. But I am encouraged to work out by my friend, her personality, dedication, and attitude is awesome! She makes me want to do better.  In my head, I am constantly challenged by her.  Every time I have taken her class I feel like I can take on the world when I leave.

However, I didn’t want to drive to the gym so as the boys got on the bus I took off with my old shoes (old Nike’s, Austin has adopted because he now wears my size shoes), these shoes have been through it all, with a 12-year-old running around in them rain or shine.

After the rain last night, the soil is moist under foot and I start with a fast walk.  The fresh air runs deep into my lungs as I inhale;  waking me from a long slumber. The sky grey – it could rain.  I start my run, really half run, half walk down the perfect isles of the hops that climb the twine to the sky. The row looks as if to drift into nowhere, I cannot see. Like looking out at the ocean – going on forever, you cannot see the end.

My shoes cake with moist soil and I keep lifting my legs and my feet get heavier. Running eight minutes and walking for 30 seconds – a goal I told myself I had to meet.

I am sure anyone watching me would think “what the hell, does she think she is running??” I feel less than graceful when I run.  I continue down the perfect isles – up one, down the other, up another, down the other, this lasts about five rows.  I walk toward the orchard.  Circle it once for a cool down and head to the garage for my own personal unorganized rendition of a gym instructor where I lift weights – arms and legs…sit-ups and push-ups and finally, lay back onto my yoga mat that I rolled out on to the patio.

My chest rises and falls, I feel slightly exhilarated, burning in my arms, legs, and abs, and I close my eyes. I look up to the grey sky and my to do list floods in. A few more deep breaths. I am calm, relaxed and without notice I feel Halo’s paw sharply jammed into my stomach, on my chest and a big slobbery kiss on my cheek. That’s one way to finish a workout! Happy Monday!





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