Bumps and Bruises

Rise Up!  By Andra Day


I watched them love each other, an untouchable kind of loved. They could finish each other’s sentences, when one stepped the other stepped, when they laughed it was in unison, when they sat together, their bodies seemed to melt into one, I was envious of their love and connection. It seemed perfect.

We all know perfect isn’t real, it isn’t possible. I think, people can get damn near close to perfect for themselves, what they desire in their life but I do not believe in perfect. Whether we have lots of questionable friends, no friends, perfect careers, no career, great relationships or one that’s on the rocks, too skinny or too heavy, fighting a disease, or all the in-betweens of these things and so many more scenarios.  I don’t believe in perfect.

I think I did believe in perfect as a child. However, things change as you get older. You get wiser, you see people come together and people fall apart. You see people thrive and you see people die.  People succeed and they fail.  I don’t believe people would ever start any of these things knowing they would end in an imperfect way. Because why would anyone try anything knowing the outcome they wanted so badly would not happen.

So people try, believe, and act on faith that they will be successful but the outcome isn’t always so.  There is a time for everyone, for every person, and every place on this earth.  I wish I knew why things happen as they do, I would sure sleep more. I try to have faith in myself and mankind that we can get as close to perfect as possible with a few bumps and bruises along the way.

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