The “What Is” Scenario…


beautiful-red-umbrella-rain-wallpaper-desktop1Life is a funny thing, I constantly am re-writing my life – discovering new things every day and the people I surround myself with has a lot to do with these new discoveries? Life is ever changing and the fluidity of the life “just is,” there is always something happening, right?  To me, to you, to the next person you walk past.  And none of us truly know what any one person is going through whether it be a great new promotion at work or they have been told that they are losing their battle with cancer. There are so many “what if’s” and I need to work on letting go of the “what if’s” scenario and become focused on the “what is” scenario.

Life is constant…moving in and out, ebbs and flows, high tide and low tides, sorrow and great joy, and there is a lot of truth and a lot of lies, but if life wasn’t this way we would all be standing in quick sand letting our lives and experiences slowly disappear. My experiences shape who I am and why I believe in the things I do. However, there is a time and place an opportunity presents itself to me to help someone else with sharing my experience with them.  This is a very valuable trait….to open up and really get raw with someone else (let your soul become raw) when you feel the need, when you feel moved to do so and for me…it’s a very distinct feeling and I know it right away. Sure, I could breeze past these opportunities but down to my core, I WANT and DESIRE the need to help others.

I let myself overthink situations, things people say, and read into words I take completely wrong (that, I believe to be a common trait for a writer), this only speaks more to why I am pondering and starting to figure out to simply, let more shit go.

Don’t get me wrong, I am who I am and therefore parts of me will always just be as they are. Change is possible and you have to let yourself become aware of how you are truly feeling.  Be “raw” with yourself!

Some of the things I value about myself are: my desire to always be the best version of myself, the value of family is huge…my tribe (these are the ones I know I could run to no matter what trouble or situation and they would be next to me no matter what), I love hard and I love deeply, I am passionate, I believe the best in people unless they show me otherwise, I also believe in second chances, relationships MUST be nurtured or they can crack and break. There is give and take to everything, I NEED to be more courageous…. I do have hot buttons…. if you want to go there with me…game on! If you want to mess with family, my children, or be disrespectful…game on!!


 “Become aware that there are no

accidents in our intelligent universe.

Realize that everything that shows up

In your life has something to teach you.

Appreciate everyone and everything in your life.


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