We All Have Scars


I have scars that remind me of old stories.  Some happened so long again I can barely remember; I know if I asked my parents about them, they would surely know some of the answers of were my external scars came from.

I have two scars on my right hand from trying to do hand stands when my friend and I challenged each other to how many we could do each and when we collapsed to the ground, she scratched me.

Another scar, on the inside of my right knee where the corner of the screen door ripped through my skin after my father had repeatedly told me that was going to happen if I didn’t move from where I was sitting.  I didn’t move and I now have a six-inch scar on the inside of my knee.

I have a scar just under my belly button about 10 inches long from a C-section running from left to right and just beneath this scar…there is a scar I can’t see which runs up and down about 10 inches due to my C-section being an emergency.

I am sure if we all thought about our scars we could list them.  I have created scars on my body…self expression…designs and patterns that I want to be remembered.  They are all apart of my body now and on my skin for all to see.  I chose each of them for a very specific reason and they will forever be on me.  Would I do this again…yes.  Am I currently planning too, yes.

Scars are easy to spot or see on most of our bodies somewhere. There is an entirely different type of scar that may scar us so deeply they we see the world different because of these scars.  These scars strip us down to core, make us define our ourselves and create an entirely new way of looking at the world.

These deep scars flip our lives from the inside out. They break our hearts, tear us apart, and make us wonder if we will ever survive.  These scars, I believe are more than one sided…there is a cause and effect to everything and there are always two different ways to look at everything.  I believe that these scars require conscious decisions…backed by some type of faith.

I have made a handful of these types of scars inside of myself and because I have made them, they in turn have effected others around me…and scarred them as well. We cannot change any of our scars but we all can make the conscious decision as to how they will affect the rest of our lives and how we look at them in our current lives.  We can change how we react to them in the here and now. If they happened years ago, we can still learn from them. We can allow ourselves to keep them close but at bay as long as we keep moving forward.

Do not dwell on things of the past, we will never get those moments back and who wants to move forward constantly looking over their shoulders?


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