I’ve been blessed many times by the people in my life. I am blessed that I have been given so many opportunities. Many challenges have presented themselves to me which have rocked me to my core – challenging who I am, what I believe and what my purpose is in this world…in my life.

I have had low, lows and high, highs. Every trial or speed bump, every tear of joy, laughter, and kind humanity blesses me.  I have been so grateful in my life and the best part is my heart is open not hardened and dark from my struggle.   I do, have a wonderful life.  Yes, I am a work in progress and I am always learning.  I learn from “my people,” my friend’s, my family, I learn from reading, I learn from my experiences small and large.

I have this friend, who…I can’t quite explain in words how much she means to me.  How much I need her and I believe she needs me just as much. (Or at least, that’s what I would like to think.) We aren’t neighbors but if the circumstances presented themselves, I would jump on that train in a heartbeat.  I am amazed by her compassion, her loyalty, her attitude – nothing gets in her way and she is the most determined woman I know. Her laughter and kindness can and will change the world.

We have spent hours and hours talking – the light conversation and the heavy dirty shit that we bury deep inside, we sit in silence, we laugh and we laugh well – without control, we do not guard our souls, our secrets, or truths from each other.  We are exactly alike but also different. We fit together perfectly, we balance each other, when I am weak she is strong, when she is weak I am strong.  Our playfulness began years ago, now when it gets physical she somehow, can pin me to the floor and cover me in spray cheese until I beg for mercy.  Someday, I will get her back and I will be the champion.

She pushes me to charge full speed ahead toward my fears and we both find humor in things that others would not.  This is the best feeling – we just get each.  There could be a room of hundreds of people but for us, we are the only ones there.  We cry together, I feel safe with her, I lean on her – when she is in town, I fight for the seat next to her. I drive her crazy like I did when I was younger but we don’t have the line down the center of the room any more and she hasn’t tied me up in tights lately (due to me annoying her).

I love her deeply and wish I could see her every day. If you know someone like this tell them, let them know because moments pass and the opportunity can too.

She came first and I came second.

My sister, my friend.

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