Life is a Beautiful Ride

By Gary Allen

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I woke this morning thinking of a friend of mine. The sound of rain hitting the window panes.  I have known her for 18 years maybe more.  I remember meeting her sitting across the table listening to her husband and my boyfriend rant on and on about farming. This was our first meeting.  We were both nervous if we would get along with the other.  By the end of the night we were peeing in the same stall calling each other best friends and how much we loved each other. She was in this amazing wool sweater and carried an awesome leather purse.  It all started with the a McMenamins Ruby beer.

I would say she is a very close friend of mine. Real friends last a lifetime and as corny as that sounds I truly believe it.  I have a few amazing friendships from high school that I adore and stay in contact with.  I can call them at any time and life just changes…they will show up no matter what. She is the same.

Although, I have not been friends with this particular friend for as many years.  It feels like a lifetime.  We have been through high high’s and some low low’s and still we find our way back to each other.  We continue on climbing the valleys and seeing amazing beauty in each other (I hope she feels that way J).  Or I sound like an ass J Ha!

She is one of the strongest women I know, she says; what she means- and that is, how it is going to be; without question.  She is the only woman I know who could actually kick a man’s ass no problem.  I have actually seen it almost go down.

She has beauty, spunk, fire and is so feisty.  She makes me laugh. Our memories are thick, deep, funny, emotional, but she is very dear to my heart. No matter what, if I called her I know she would be here if she could. She is completely an extrovert!! Opposite of me!

I am introvert down to my core! We have different ways communicate and solving problems.  She has very high expectations for the people in her life.  I respect her for that. I am lucky to know her.

Although we are very different and disagree on a few things here and there-our relationship has been steadfast despite where we are and where we are going. We have had our children around the same time and they have a special bond. I could write a novel on our relationship, everything we have been through.

Recently, we went camping and she showed an amazing amount of strength and courage in a very serious situation.  She was strong, collected, and somehow as I helped I felt calmed by her.  Later, something happened again and as I was the in the place she was before.  I knew exactly what to do because of watching her moments early.  I shouted her name and she came running and wrapped her arms around me so tightly…. after things calmed, she asked me how I was….

I don’t know if she saw the tears in my eyes but who wouldn’t want a friend like this.

The next Ruby is on me!

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