In another time, our next escape?

You would open up to me, just a liitle more

Share with me

what’s on the inside of you


you would take me

to those places that

you hold on too

the places where you dream

places where you feel alive…


You would share…

more than hour or two

between crisp cotton sheets

tell me who you are

show me without words


you could be silent with me

–just be there

in each other’s closeness

quiet and safe


we never blame each other…

to play and to just be

you would need me

in a way that didn’t require words


something is getting closer,

that holds

what we are in secret and

to each other an undiscussed definition


never… really know when you will return

exhausted, worn, and mentally changed…

I can trust and wait

there is a magnetic pull


deep inside you alaways seem to

us coming and going

forward and backward

in and out of our own lives


your wisdom, strength, and Sincerity

in our words on a screen, I hear your strain,

your change in alliteration, single word responses

without asking……you summer,,,,undescribed… i hope


the ink of definitions

defining your life in pieces

you protect yourself – always on the go

what would happen if you stayed?

Gave yourself time

Rest, Reboot, revive, breath…


We would come full circle…

Before the adventure begins a new for you

Gone this time a month, a couple weeks –

Sometimes no answer –


Your spirit, your eyes, big heart –

the way you wrap your strong arms tightly

around me


Sneak away with me…












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