A chill this morning

Cools my breath from skin to air,

The sky is still grey.

Unlike other days,

peach fuzz hair

does not stand on my neck,

my smile is not straight from waking

before the sun-

but curled upward at

the edge of my pink lips.


And I,

I can sit here all alone

And remember

our eyes meeting from across the room,

your mouth breaking

speech to glance and find

me content.

I watched your eyes lighten

While listening to the passion of others,

your eyes envied as another

spoke of his son.



And you,

Dreaming silently

of your own unborn child

and the way it will be,

when you are that blessed.


Your tone changed,

Somewhere between the last sunrise

and sunset

the sky has brightened

in the last moments,

pink cotton clouds

drift slowly across the blue backdrop sky.

The world moves around me,

a leaf falls from the skeleton

of a tree outside this window.

A grandfather smiles, watching

me write, from behind his

daily news.


And today, I know

the world is unaware

that I am blessed-

for knowing such a man

as passionate as my father,

as determined to get what

he knows and deserves-

and willing enough to share

his ear and shoulder with someone,

who is only just beginning to give

him, her heart.

Blurred Photograph


eyes painted with the color of autumn leaves

ears like raw silk under the touch

arms braided into one another

hiding your hands,

a watch connecting wrist to arm

tucked between the crease of your elbow

and the right side of your abdomen

your chin casting a shadow onto the nape of your neck

leaning against a sandstone wall

dropping this photograph into the sink of memory

floats like a feather to the drain

where the color dissolves

and you disappear



There are moments in life where it flickers.  It flickers like the electricity right before it goes out on a stormy night.  Like every night, I am fast asleep unaware of anything and everything, my body at complete rest.  Out of nowhere, I am awakened and I can’t get to a pen and paper fast enough to get my words out.  I toss and turn trying to fall back asleep, my mind became more aware of my words, stories, exact phrases that I know could be something someday and mean something to someone.  For years, I have been overwhelmed by my own words and thoughts. Life happens and my love affair with writing; what has always been my dream was put on the back burner by no other guilty party than myself. I let me go…I made it less important than everyone and everything else in my life.  So, there it has sat for years.

Fast forward…

I know this gal…this beautiful gal.  I have known of her for years, not well but just really thought she was nice and always pleasant to chat with whenever our paths crossed. This one particular day after telling her for hundredth time that I would come to her gym to her class she taught…I was called-out and when I say called-out, I mean Facebook shamed in the most polite and gentle way with the bi-cep curl emoji con.  See, I had said I needed to workout, to get this booty o’ mine off the couch and get it kicked into shape for years and had mentioned it her and she always had invited me to her classes.  I said I’d come but didn’t…how many of you have done this in one way or another, in some situation; be honest friends. Have you??

Thursday morning, I got up and put on three different pair of yoga pants before I found one that fit and got my tired unshapely bum in the car.  It was as if she was daring me on Facebook, poking the bear in me, and it worked.  I drove to her gym and walked in knowing that I would hate her the next day for how sore I would be! (Ha!) Her class was filled with familiar faces which felt comfortable and right away her strength, beauty, humor, and grace appeared to me.

I had been always enjoying her insightful Facebook posts and they always hit me on the right day that seemed to fit with whatever I was struggling with that moment.  She is inspiring and although I am sore every day and the day after for whatever we did in class that day…I keep coming back to class.  She is strong, willful, supportive and funny. In fact, is one of the most authentic people I have met in along while.  A breath of fresh…

Since, being inspired by this gal to get my booty up and start working out, to go after what I want and to be the best version of myself that I can for everyone around me. Something ignited…ideas and words swirling around me like fireflies in the night.  The way I remember them to dance around me at dusk back east at my Grandpa and Grandma’s house…I remember being in my pj’s with a glass jar, running around the yard with the greenest grass I had even run barefoot on.  I caught each word and idea that zipped around me dancing in light and caught them in my jar.  Just now after all these years, I am opening my jar of written words and they fly out of someplace bottomless.

To this motivating friend, thank you!