Ivory Keys


You are the white and black keys

surrounded by a life of music

Your wooden exterior, felted pads, and foot pedals

standing stable and upright –

There is always a silent invitation at your bench

some say your voice makes them live

It is with their gentle touch stroking your keys

that makes them love your music

different volumes, sounds, tones-

feelings and expression without words

This comes from the spirit of your lovers

Sometimes, you are silent and still

the composer away from you keys

in their mind – humming and singing

your sounds are imagined

Music that fits any mood and any season

flows like a stream from the rain

left by the night

You sing and dance in early hours and the darkness of night

your keys send a tumbling breeze out a cracked window

Generations have loved your voice

young ones fall in love

you are defined but allow newness…

and again, your sound is rediscovered

You will live on beyond this life…